Why Solid Supply Solutions?

Do You need good and reliable suppliers? We are essential to your business's good health and growth. Let's briefly look at all the ways Solid Supply Solutions can impact Your company.


Supplier components can positively or negatively affect the quality of your product. Higher quality increases customer satisfaction and decreases returns, which adds cash to your bottom line.


Our timely deliveries are crucial to how customers view Your reliability. A quick turnaround can become the key to minimizing Your inventory, which in turn translates to less risk of inventory obsolescence and lower cash needs.


We can make major contributions to Your new product development. Remember, we live our product more than TYou do; we're working to be on the cutting edge of innovation for our product. The good ones will understand Your company, its industry and needs, and can help You tweak Your new idea.


Solid Supply Solutions can give You the one-up on Your competition based on our pricing, quality, reliability, technological breakthroughs and knowledge of industry trends.


If You've proven to be a considerate, loyal and paying customer, You may be able to tap into Your suppliers for additional financing once You hit growth mode--or if You run into a cash crunch. That financing may take the form of postponed debt, extended terms on new purchases, a loan, or an investment in Your company.

Continuous Support

Solid Supply Solutions always state Your quality and time needs clearly. SSSolutions hold to their agreements. Be sure that we stay competitive. You will never expect to pay higher prices than other purchasers.

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Solid Supply Solutions - Who we are…

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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers and business partners are vital to our continued success. They help us refresh the world by delivering necessary products and services for our business. Having a sound, stable and ethical supply base is important for our growth and the footprint we leave in local communities around the world. Our suppliers provide our system with materials, including ingredients, packaging and machinery, as well as goods and services. As a company, we have a responsibility to hold our direct suppliers and bottling partners to standards no less than those required by applicable law.

YLD - Trans Big Bag

The big bag is the most cost-effective and perfect for dry bulk cargoes. They are made of hose or plain woven polypropylene fabric. Manufactured from laminated and non-laminated fabrics, these bags are classified according to safety factors.


For more than half a century BENNING products have improved the safe and efficient utilisation of energy resources. Smart solutions for the conversion of energy in multi-purpose or storable energy draw the company.


Tideland Signal is part of Xylem Analytics and delivers world leading aids to navigation solutions, products, services and customer care, with innovation, safety and compliance at the core of our mission.


Bonney Forge is a global manufacturer of valves and fittings for industrial applications. We serve industries including petrochemical, chemical, refining, nuclear and fossil fuel power, and oil and natural gas.

ABB Group

ABB is a pioneering technology leader in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation and robotics and motion, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally.


DNH manufactures one of the world's largest ranges of loudspeakers for industrial and commercial applications. Since the company was formed in 1946, DNH has been renowned as a supplier of high quality products for varied applications and projects world-wide.


Draeger manufactures medical and safety technology products. In so doing, we protect, support, and save people's lives around the world in hospitals, with fire departments, emergency services, authorities, and in mining as well as industry.

Delta Controls

Delta Controls is one of the largest manufacturers of building automation systems with more than 300 installers in over 80 countries. For more than 3 decades Delta Controls has offered dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings and more.

Our Customers

Staying close to our customers is second nature to us. We pride ourselves on understanding that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses, and mid-market companies.