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HVR Pemtagon Ltd

HVR Pemtagon Ltd
HVR Pemtagon Ltd

HVR Pentagon Ltd – Power Resistors, Dynamic Braking Resistors, Anti-Condensation Heaters, Thermostats

HVR Pemtagon Ltd is one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of Wire Wound Power Resistors, Anti-Condensation Heaters and Thermostats.

These product ranges have been produced on the Birmingham site since 1973, initially under the name Pentagon Electrical Products Limited. This company was established by engineers with many years experience in the manufacture of Wire Wound and Corrugated Tape Wound Power Resistors. This wealth of knowledge and expertise, maintained and expanded over a 35 year period, has now been incorporated into the successful HVR Group of Resistor Technology Companies.

HVR Pentagon Limited was formed in February 2008 with the aim of expanding its market globally with a continuing emphasis on applications where high quality products are paramount.

Our continuing policy is to supply the highest quality and most appropriate Resistor Products with the shortest possible delivery times. In this respect HVR Pentagon Limited has few competitors.

The Product …

Our Open Wire Wound, Vitreous Enamelled and Heavy Duty protected resistors can be supplied to precise customer specifications. Typical applications include Dynamic Braking, Starting Resistors, Discharge Resistors and Loading Resistors. Application Environments include Traction, Wind Turbines, Switchgear, Military, Industrial Motors and Power Electronics.

Our Anti Condensation Heaters are designed for use in Switch and Control Gear cubicles, ensuring system integrity by keeping condensation at bay. We can also supply a range of Thermostats for use with these Anti Condensation Heaters. They offer exceptionally rapid response times and close operating differential.