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Sawyer MFG Company

Sawyer MFG Company
Sawyer MFG Company

Pipeline & Welding Equipment since 1948

Our company is driven by a dedication to do things better. We are always striving to improve our products and customer service.

Sawyer Manufacturing Company is a competitive global provider of pipeline and welding equipment with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to Sawyer, our products, and our end-users. Through a dedication to quality, personalized service, and capturing new profitable opportunities – Sawyer has established itself as an industry standard.


Sawyer is family-owned and focused on building a culture of teamwork that promotes employee growth both personally and professionally. We provide highly productive work environments where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence.

We care about our customers. We focus on building relationships not only with our employees, but also with our distributors, and most importantly the end-user that is using our equipment every day. We pride ourselves on implementing a creative approach to raise brand awareness and provide superior customer service.

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