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Company Profile

Company Profile of Solid Supply Solutions LLP (Aktau, Kazakhstan)

Located in Aktau, Kazakhstan Solid Supply Solutions Company provides commercial supplies, customer service and party supplies, and more for the power generation, marine and oil & gas sector.

Solid Supply Solutions LLP will be recognized as the market Leader in Supply Chain Management through superior customer service by leveraging the strengths of our employees, processes, suppliers, and information.

Core Material Categories


  • Valves covering both upstream and downstream sectors.
  • Ball, multi-turn, specialty check, butterfly, gate, and plug.
  • Valve actuation.

Fittings & Flanges

  • Carbon and alloy steel in butt-weld & forged, bolts & gaskets, instrumentation fittings, and other fittings.
  • Leading position in high yield fittings and flange products for the gas pipeline industry.

Measurement Instruments

  • Extensive inventory of mill, tool, safety, and janitorial products.
  • Comprehensive product line includes hand, power, precision and cutting tools, and safety products and services.


  • Major product offerings include Electrical Products: Motors, Switch gear, Cables, Plugs, Receptacles, Fixtures, Lighting.

Lifting Gear/Wire Ropes

  • Product offering includes wire and synthetic ropes: mooring lines, crane lines and lifting gear.

Solid Suppy Solutions LLP

Office/Postal Address: Microdistrict 4, Building 63, Office 14, 130000 Aktau / Kazakhstan

Phone: +7(729)260-72-12