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We design, develop, and manufacture solutions.

Welkerites are inventive people. In our 65-year history, we’ve designed over 80 patented solutions for the different sectors of the oil and gas industry. Some of our most significant patents are the IRA Automatic Insertion Probe RegulatorWelkerScope® for pipeline inspection, ECOsystem Pulse Bypass odorization system, LNG sample probe, automated gasoline blending sampling system, and inFlow ACE Crude Oil Sampler.

Diverse Product Offerings

We may be known for our sampling equipment, but that’s not all we have to offer. From analyzer protection to filter dryers to automatic turbine meter lubrication, we have what it takes to serve different sectors of the oil and gas industry and beyond.

Complete Solutions

Don’t DIY—let Welker DFY! We’ve taken the big picture approach to design and manufacture quality problem-solving standard systems that set you up for success.  

At Your Service

Your purchase of Welker equipment isn’t the end of our relationship—it’s just the beginning. We provide continued support for the lifetime of your product. Our factory-trained technicians offer commissioning, consulting, and repair services.

Welker CleanFlow™ Instrument Grade Natural Gas Conditioning Systems